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Dog Days and Newfound Opportunities

It's not even August yet, but here the heat is absolutely brutal. Pairing that with everything else that makes up what I call my life, I haven't had much time to update lately, although the movie watching has still been consistent as always. I suppose I'll have to start writing more frequently, though, what with Nick Schager now including me in his links section and Jim Emerson sighting this blog recently after my contribution to his "Opening Shots" project. Links to both articles on his blog are available below.

King of the Mash-Ups
Opening Shots: Fight Club

On another note, Slant Magazine writer Paul Schrodt recently invited me to contribute on a site he just created, The Stranger Song, which will feature reviews, articles and musings on film and pop culture. I've already contributed a write-up of the excellent An Inconvenient Truth, and plan on updating there more frequently as well.

With senior year approaching rapidly, I have an Honors Project staring me in the face with very little tangible research yet done on it. My topic: the relationship between gay representations in the media and related political discourse (or: How does Brokeback Mountain exacerbate Dubya's xenophobia?). My aim is, in the next few days, to begin my headfirst dive into this topic in terms of both reading and writing, and to document my progress through this blog. Updates might not be everyday depending on how much is actually written, but I hope to provide at least several new paragraphs on a regular basis in regards to my findings. Thoughts, discussion, encouragement and berating are all perfectly acceptable.